Wednesday, August 3, 2011

photo craze

I'm not really sure if anyone reads this blog. Sometimes I wonder why I feel compelled to post. Maybe, just  maybe someone reads my random updates (I think my mom still does:) )

My best friend got married on July 17th and I was honored to be her right hand woman. Dan, her now husband, is an Aussie. They were and will continue to live in Australia, though the wedding was in western Canada - where Kristi is from. I flew in a week before the wedding to spend some quality time with my bestie - before our men and other guests arrived. What a wonderful time we had together.

"quading" aka 4-wheeling

Kristi's hometown bridal shower

The day Dan arrived (groomsman Josh from AUS on the right)

Rehearsal dinner - bridesmaids (minus 1)

My parents came!

What a wonderful celebration of friendship and love. Love you Dan and Kristi!!!

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