Wednesday, August 24, 2011

birthdays and a good attitude

I turned 25 on Monday. 

I am a birthday fanatic. I love celebrating any way possible with as much fuss as possible (whether it's my birthday or someone else's). It is the one day a year where the day is all about YOU!!

This year, I had a hard time embracing my birthday. I felt old - not because of the number, but because my child like spirit seemed to have forgotten to show up this year. The anticipation and excitement was swept under the rug by work and commitments. This is also the first year that my parents are in Texas - so no birthday dinner or celebrating with them until a later date.

My hubby has done an amazing job at trying to embrace my love for birthdays. He grew up in a family that celebrated birthdays more casually than my family. He tries so hard to be creative and make the day special for me. On my birthday eve he gathered up food and his portable grill and took me to a park for a little picnic. After dinner and a walk, he took me to the mall to pick out a pair of Converse shoes I have been wanting. He did a great job at creating a fun and relaxing celebration for me.

To be honest, I have been having a pity party for myself. Sad that I didn't get a cake or a big fuss. Sad that certain people didn't remember or send cards. And then today I read the words of a fellow blogger - "My spirit was dry because I had not been feasting on living water. I had not been leaning on the only REAL source of fulfillment and joy available to me." And it hit me. My spirit is dry. My life has become about ME and not taking time for the One who gives me joy and LIFE. Because of this, I have been looking inward, at my discontentment or wants instead of looking outward at the many blessings and joys in my life. As I sit here and reflect on my many blessings, I realize that I had a great birthday. It may have looked and felt a little different than other years, but it was still great.

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