Saturday, August 13, 2011

feeling ambitious . . .

It's Saturday morning. I got up at 7:30 to have breakfast with my 2 lovely friends, Tanya and Christina. It has been way too long since we have had breakfast together. So wonderful to be with them again and catch up on life.

And now I'm home. Feeling ambitious but without any real plans. Hubby is out washing Sophi (my car). We have tossed around the idea of playing tourist today in our own town. Who knows where we'll end up! I love having days off with no real agenda. I think a nap will be in the plan later today (of course!)

While I'm feeling energetic, I will post the 3 pictures I took on family vacation. Yes, I slacked majorly this year! We went to the annual Glick vacation spot of Spruce Lake Retreat in the Poconos. Durrell and I tented. It rained this year, but thankfully our tent didn't take on much water. 

Durrell making breakfast in our cast iron skillet  that we got at his grandparents sale! 

My awesome fam that I married into!
(ladies shopping trip!)

Sad I didn't take more pictures. There were 20 of us this year camping (that's just Durrell's immediate family). Very different from my family (there's only 4 of us in my immediate family!) but very fun! Always something happening and never a dull moment. I am blessed to be a part of now 2 great families.

And with that posted, I am off to spend the day with my man. Happy weekend! 

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