Sunday, June 5, 2011

one man's junk, another man's treasure

Yesterday was D's grandparents private auction. His grandparents are still living, but downsized awhile back to a smaller house. The auction was for family only and at first glance, consisted of a lot of junk. I was very excited for this event, hoping to score some old stuff to remember his grandparents by.

D's dad was the auctioneer most of the day.
 (check out those blankets! they smelled as old as they looked:) )

D's adorable Pappy and Mummy

Loading up our treasures.

One of my favorite finds! A large family bible for my coffee table

Fun old dishes.

Old German songbooks for my crafts or end table books.

The piece of furniture that was thought to be ugly by everyone else!
 This will be painted white and given new knobs.

Our sweet "amish" bench we scored for $0.50 that will be refinished and used for our kids
(and guests) someday at the dining room table. The 6ft table behind it we got for $0.50 also.

D got a bunch of sweet tools and things to fill his work bench. I got some other things like a humming bird feeder and a serving cart. What a fun day I had spending time with my hubby and family. It was a great reminder that in the end, faith and family are the things that really matter. Quality time with family is becoming so precious to me, and I miss my mom and dad all the more. Can't wait to see them in July!!

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