Thursday, June 30, 2011

Trusting . . .

I am an only child. I have first born personality most of the time, but there are times when my youngest child-ness comes out too. This is not an excuse, just an observation of myself. I have noticed that my do-it-yourself attitude has sometimes hindered me from totally relying on God. I want it done, and I want it done NOW so I'll just get it done myself since God obviously needs my help (right!). 

Yesterday was one of the most intense days I have ever had. I got selected for federal jury duty in Philadelphia. To some people this may sound fun. To me, it sounded terrifying. I used to think I liked the city but have realized in the last few years how much of a country girl I am. I was totally out of my comfort zone, unable to control the outcome.

My amazing, awesome, wonderful husband took the day off yesterday and went with me to Philly to help me find my way around on my first day. We took the train to avoid traffic. In the AM right before lunch break, we (the possible jurors) were told that this will be a 2 week trial. My stomach dropped. I am to leave for Canada in a week to be in my best friend's wedding. We were given a chance to state why we could not serve on this case. I gave my reason, along with about 20 other people. 

We sat for 2 hours awaiting the defendant and prosecutors decisions on the 14 selected jurors. I have never been a patient person. I am trying to work on this. Yesterday was a HUGE test of my patience. And also my trust in God. I kept reminding myself that no matter the outcome, everything would work out and be ok. I kept hearing the verse - "Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding". 

They called the 14 names in random order and I may have held my breath the whole time. All I know is when they got to the 14th name and it wasn't mine, I exhaled very deeply!! Even better news was that our serving time was over and we did not have to report back the next day. Thank you Lord!!!!!!!

I sometimes make mountains out of molehills. This may have seemed like one of those times. But it was a huge learning lesson for me. One I hope not to forget. 

Happy Thursday. Hope your day is full of reminders that God cares about the small details in your life! 

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