Tuesday, October 1, 2013

OK with the mess . . .

I am task oriented.
I like lists, I like organization and I like things clean. My house being dirty and out of order makes me feel stressed out.

Going into motherhood, I was aware of this part of my personality that I would have to consciously work on. I know that there will be moments when my house will not be clean. There will be dirty dishes in the sink and dust on the furniture. My floors will get dirty (they currently have not been mopped for weeks). The bathroom will have hair on the floor and in the tub (grosses me out!). The trash may get to overflowing before I can get around to emptying it and it may take me 2 days to get 1 load of laundry done.  And that's ok. 

I want to be a mom that is not so consumed with tasks that I neglect my baby. I have to coach myself through this . . . As I sit and nurse her or rock her to sleep, my head spins with my to do list. But I remind myself that my baby will only be little for a short period of time; that my time to cuddle with her is ticking away. I don't want taking care of her to be another task I check off my list. The dishes will always be there and there will always be laundry to fold. So I sit and snuggle her, and remind myself that one day soon, I'll be wishing for these days again. 

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