Monday, June 11, 2012

Wedding card "album"

I was so excited to use an idea I saw to make an album of sorts for our wedding cards!
This afternoon I came home from work and excitedly made the front and back cover of the album.

And then went digging in our closet to find the box of wedding cards . . . . .

THIS is the box of wedding cards. I had sort of forgotten that we had 300+ people invited to our wedding. There are probably at least 175 cards in that box. There is NO WAY they will nicely fit into one decent looking album. So I stashed them back into the closet until I find another creative idea for them . . .

I kept the front and back cover for another project someday.
(Anyone have any other creative ideas for wedding cards??)

Here is the original idea I saw . . .

If you try this with your wedding cards, I'd love to see pictures!!!


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  1. I did this with our wedding cards.. it was a nice way to display them but yeah 175 cards would be hard to fit! I think we had around 75-100. The only thing I can think of would be to put them in a photo album/scrapbook or just make a few books like the original idea you saw.. they really are cute!