Thursday, June 14, 2012

homemade shampoo

I finally found a more natural than store bought, homemade shampoo that cleans, LATHERS and  makes my hair manageable!

I have been coloring my hair since I was 13. Since getting married and moving into a house with hard water, my hair was dry, brittle and dull. No salon product I tried seemed to help. I have many hair stylists as friends and family and for years have sworn by name brand, salon products. Which is probably why it has taken me so many tries to find a DIY shampoo I like! I also have not colored my hair since October of last year and actually LIKE my natural color (I forgot what it was!) . . . I no longer have dry or itchy scalp and my hair is softer and less brittle.

Coconut Shampoo

Use equal parts:
- Liquid Castile soap, any fragrance! (can be found at health food stores or SaveMart)

- Coconut Milk (store bought or homemade - see recipe below for homemade)

Put in bottle and shake gently. 

- I made my own coconut milk using this recipe. I think homemade is better because you get the oils out of the coconut. But you can buy coconut milk too, just make sure it's the unsweetened.
- Making small batches of shampoo at a time is better. It will ferment over time if left in too warm of a place!
- I prefer a squeeze bottle such as the one pictured below. Because the shampoo is so liquidy, it's easier to pour directing onto your hair in small amounts than to pour onto your hand.  

- The original recipe that I found also called for olive oil. I tried that and it made my hair so oily and unmanageable! By making your own coconut milk, you do get coconut oil as well (you'll actually see the oils rise to the top of the "milk" if left sitting for a bit).

 I do still use a conditioner. The shampoo leaves your hair feeling (literally) squeaky clean and a bit tangled. I found a conditioner, thanks to my amazing researcher of a mom, that doesn't have all the harmful alcohols or any sulfates in it. It's by Kiss My Face and it's the Whenever Conditioner. Works great! 

I hope this was informative and helpful!! Would love to hear your comments about this recipe or recipes you have tried for shampoo!


  1. Hey Alyssa!!! This is awesome!!!

    Love it my friend ;) I think blogging is a wonderful outlet and safe place to express yourself... blessings. Looking forward to what you put out!

    1. Sorry for the very delayed replay! Still figuring things out around here :) Thanks for the encouragement! You guys have been an inspiration :)