Saturday, July 5, 2014

It's not "goodbye". It's "see ya later".

This is our last weekend as Pennsylvania residents. Next week this time Alaina and I will have landed in Dallas with my parents and Durrell will be soon to follow in the moving truck. ((deep breath)) It's starting to hit. But hit mostly in waves of excitement and anticipation. This is our adventure. And how exciting it is!!!

Yesterday morning as I was alone and driving around the Lancaster County country side, I thought over the events of the last 3 years. I remember times of crying tears of frustration. Times of asking God WHY?! Why was our house not selling? Were we to stay in PA? Why would our hearts not stop longing for something that may not ever become a reality!? Right at what felt like my breaking point, the doors swung open. And now . . . W O W. It's really happening. God answered our prayers. Not in our timing, but in His.

? Will we live in Texas forever? We don't know.
? Do we feel "called" to Texas? Or feel that God "told us" to go? No. It is simply something we have dreamed about doing and we are going to give it a try. We feel at peace with our decision and have been amazed at the doors that continue to open for us.
? What if we hate Texas? We'll come back to PA.

At times I have had a bit of a bitter taste in my mouth about Lancaster County. The small town-ness sometimes gets to me. But as the weeks have counted down to our departure, I have been reminded of the things I love about this place. There is a tiny part of me that is sad to leave my hometown and it's deep rooted traditions and religious backround. But I know many of the traditions I have held on to will be passed down to future generations, no matter where we live.

And so, as we embark on our journey, it's not "goodbye". It's "see ya later". Because we'll be back, if even only for visits. We'll be back!

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