Saturday, July 12, 2014

Texas Update

Thank you to those of you who have prayed,  text, commented on fb, helped with packing and loading the truck or stopped by to give hugs and say goodbye over the past week. 

WOW what a week!!! I finally feel caught up on rest after Baby Girl and I slept about 10 hours last night!

Baby Girl and I arrived in Texas yesterday with my parents via plane. ALL of our stuff is on it's way now with Babe and 3 of our awesome friends helping to drive the moving truck and our pickup truck. Should arrive by tomorrow morning.

Our original plan was to stay with my parents for awhile and put our stuff in storage until we find a place. After loading the truck, we got a little weary thinking of loading and unloading our stuff so many more times. We are going to Plan B and looking into finding a house to move into right away. Babe and I have had our eyes on a few rental properties that we found online. Yesterday my parents drove me around to those properties to get a neighborhood view and feel. Tomorrow, once Babe arrives, a realtor is taking us to tour some of the houses we picked out. Praying for a rental house that we like, that is in our budget and within a reasonable distance of my parents house and church. 

Baby Girl is doing good overall. She did awesome on the plane ride and is loving exploring Grammi and Poppy's house. I know the change is effecting her, though, as I see small changes in her behavior. We will be very glad to have daddy with us again and to get into our new "normal".

Please continue to pray for us. As much as we've looked forward to this, it is still a BIG change. Lots of adjusting, transitioning and being  s t r e t c h e d!

Thanks, friends!


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