Friday, October 26, 2012

Being active while waiting . . .

Recently a key person in my life simply WAS around me. This person's very existence left me in a wake of knowing my life needs to change. They challenged me without words. Who they are and where they are going in life made me realize that I am not OK with where I am at. I have settled for ordinary, the very thing I see and tend to resent in others. There are things in my life that need to change, and I know it. But I find myself not wanting to do it. Because I am comfortable. And so that person's presence stirred things inside of me and began our heart change process . . .

Babe and I are in a season of transition. We want to be in Texas. But in order to get there, the house we currently live in and own must be sold. It has been on the market since May with no promising interest as of yet.

We've struggled with frustration.

But over the past few weeks, we are realizing that God has us in this place, in this moment, for a reason. We are here not to merely exist until the next chapter, but to fulfill what he has called us to do in the here and now. Since our decision to move, we kind of put life on hold. We catch ourselves saying "when we move, then we'll (fill in the blank)" . . . We've just kinda been going through the motions, trying to "cope" until we reach our grand destination.

Last Sunday our Realtor hosted an open house for us. In the morning as I was cleaning, I was praying over our house, asking God to send THE person through that day that would buy our house. I felt the Holy Spirit whisper to me, "even if the buyer doesn't come along today, will you still trust me?" Sigh. Yes, Lord, I'll still trust you (most times easier said than done!). Babe and I went to church that morning and the message stirred so much inside of us. Things that related to situations and people right around us. Both of us had a light bulb go on in our hearts. There is a REASON we are still in Amish town. God has a plan. And maybe the sooner we acknowledge and fulfill that plan, the sooner we can leave :):)
Babe and I have already begun to stir things up in our "ordinary" life. Some big changes, and some small. Changes that will take us out of our comfort zone. Changes that will challenge us to not just exist, but to live with a purpose. We are excited. And for once, OK with still being here.

We are on a journey. And it is wonderfully crazy :) We love it (most of the time!)
Hope you were encouraged today!


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