Wednesday, August 8, 2012

vacationS in a nutshell

Back from vacation! Here's a catch up . . .

Last week Babe and I drove up to NYC for a few days. We spent Tues - Thurs in the Big Apple with my best friend Kristi and her hubs Dan. Kristi and I met in YWAM in Australia in 2005. She is originally from Canada but moved back to AUS after YWAM, where she met Dan. Dan and Kristi are currently living in Australia and were spending some time in the states on 'holiday'. All of us had been to NYC before so we weren't much into touristy things. For us, it was all about spending time together and catching up! 

Orioles and Yankee's game! 

The Aussies wanted to be 'all American' - hot dogs and large sodas

Central Park with our treats for some relax time

What a fun few days it was! Too short if you ask me. Kristi and I may never have lived in the same state, but our friendship is strong and thick. I've never known a sister, but she is to me what I think having a sister would be like. Thank God for technology and smart phones so we can keep in touch on a daily basis. 


We came home Thursday eve from NYC, worked Friday, packed up and headed off for our annual family camping trip with Babe's family on Saturday. What a fun tradition it has become! 

Camping with with Babe's family mostly involved competition of any kind. The camp ground offers mini golf, swimming, basketball, ping pong, frisbee golf and other activities. While the boys were off getting sweaty, myself and the ladies usually ended up pool side or at our camp site with a good book. It was a good and relaxing time.  

In between our 2 trips, we sold Sophi, my beloved Mustang and first car. After much deliberation, we decided it wasn't worth investing the money in her since we needed a bigger car anyway. Soooo goodbye Sophi.  (proud to say I did NOT cry:) )

On our way home from vacation yesterday, we stopped and purchased our new-to-us car that we've had our eye on for a couple weeks . . . Say hello to MAXIMUS, my new wheels :)

As you can see, it has been a NON STOP past 9 days! But I loved every second of it! Here's to vacation, family, friends and new cars! 

Now, back to "normal" . . . 

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