Monday, August 13, 2012

Facebook and my thoughts . . .

I love Facebook.

I enjoy looking at pictures that people post of their lives, reading funny status updates and keeping tabs on oversea friends. It's a great resource for staying in touch with local friends too. The birth announcement of a new baby, an engagement or wedding, or a way to share a prayer request; Facebook is a genius tool. 

But like everything else, it comes with some downfalls . . .

The older I get, the more "old fashioned" I realize I am in some areas. I'm not embarrassed by this fact, but at times, I find myself bucking the modern culture instead of embracing it. 

Facebook is one of those things . . .

I disappear from Facebook now and then. Deactivate my account for a few months just to catch my breath. Recently someone took the time to ask me earnestly why I "disappear" from the Facebook world. Here is the shortened version of my reply . . .

1. I want to be more intentional in my relationships.
I want to BE friends with someone in real life, not just over a computer. More coffee dates, texts and cards sent in the mail (yes, MAIL). I want to slow my fast paced life down and enjoy time with people instead of reading about their life or seeing it on Facebook.

2. I struggle with comparison.
It's something I recognize and am dealing with. I've realized that Facebook only magnifies my struggle if I allow it to. People a lot of times posts their most glamorous and sometimes unrealistic pictures of them self and their possessions. If I do not remind myself of who I am in Christ, it's easy for me to tear myself down or become ungrateful.

3. When it comes to Facebook, I'm not a very good time manager.
Enough said :)

All that said, I will most likely return to Facebook at some point. It is a great way to "see" friends and keep in touch. And I do get on hubby's account from time to time. But in case you were wondering why I leave now and then, now you know :)

Would love to hear feedback!



  1. So glad I am not the only one who feels this way. Twice I took a week or so break from FB but when I got home from Ethiopia I felt God telling me to take a 40 day break. It's been the best thing ever. I have grown so much from it. (though next time I need a break from pinterest too) I agree about the comparison issues. I also struggle with that too. Technology can be such a blessing and curse at the same time. It's really all in how we use it!

    1. I love it so much and yet I despise it equally as much! :)