Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Book Cover Tutorial

I have a small Bible that I keep in my purse most of the time. It has also become my main Bible that I use. The poor little cover has seen it's better days . . .

I kept wanting to sew a book cover for it and never seemed to get around to it. Today was the day! I finally buckled down and made one after finding this tutorial. It was very easy except my first go I made it too small. So I opened up the seams and re - stitched it, this time sewing closer to the edge of the fabric. Also, don't round your corners. I thought I needed to for some reason but as you can see, my book has square corners! 

Finished product! (not a HUGE fan of the pink, but I have an excessive amount of pink fabric from a shower and am trying to get rid of it.)

I hot glued the buttons on but if you want to ensure they REALLY stay, you could sew them.

I added a little lace elastic loop on the back cover. I hot glued it. I may stitch over it to ensure it stays! 

So there you have it :)