Saturday, September 17, 2011

Oh Fall, how I love you!

I have been thoroughly enjoying life the past couple of weeks. I feel energetic, excited and at times giddy. The fall season has something to do with that, I know. Here are some other things I've been up to that have brought me joy:

Date night with my hubby! We went to Second Friday in Lititz. Grabbed coffee/tea at the Tomato Pie Cafe and then walked around and checked out the shops! A great and relaxing night :)


Shoe rack!!
Durrell build me a new shoe rack for the laundry room closet. We had a dumb one from Walmart that was tilted and shoes wouldn't stay on. 

stained and in use!

my hubby is a w e s o m e!!!!



before (in the early morn before work and no makeup)

I liked the look of having long hair - WHEN I took the time to style it. But it took me an hour to actually blow dry it, and then straighten or curl it. I just don't feel like taking that much time to look good! So it ended up in a pony tail most of the time. Sooooo I decided to chop it off!!! And l o v e it.


Crafting and fall decorating . . .

my wreath I made

I think I've inherited my mom's enjoyment of decorating for each season. When I lived at home my mom would decorate for each season and even some holidays like July 4th and valentines day. I used to think she was crazy sometimes but now find joy in decorating for the seasons too :)

My front porch has a mum and pumpkins. Fall is fav season of mine to decorate for! 


Miss Lyss


One of the most exciting things currently is the beginning of my small at home business called Miss Lyss Designs. It all began with my sis in law showing me how to make fun flowers on a hair clip. I've become obsessed! I make and wear them often and have people asking "where did you get that". I decided to begin making them to sell!! I now have a facebook page that you can order my creations and have also put some of my pieces at a local hair salon. It has made me feel so alive to have people love my work! It's also a great little side job that brings in some extra spending money for me :)


So that's my life from the past few weeks in a nut shell! My hubby has been so wonderfully supportive of my time in the craft room. I can't imagine my life without him being by my side. He's the best!!!!!!

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  1. Love the hair. I totally understand about having long hair and liking how it looks but I feel like 90% of the time, it ends up in a pony tail too. Love your designs.