Tuesday, September 20, 2011

the little entrepreneur in me . . .

When I was a kid I somehow accumulated a large amount of seashells. I don't know if I got them at the shore myself or they were given to me. Either way, I tried to sell them at my parents yard sale. I eagerly sat waiting for someone to come and buy them for .10 each. Much to my delight, a lady came and offered to take the WHOLE bucket of sea shells (I don't remember the amount - probably like $3!). She wanted them for her flower beds! I was beyond delighted!

Since I was a kid I've loved "crafting". I was the kid that would go with my dad to his office and make something out of Scotch tape, scissors, paper, highlighters and the stapler. Through the years I've enjoyed making cards, jewelry, and random other little projects.

Since being married, I've jumped into the roll of being a house wife. I found that I enjoy cooking and making homemade food and yes, even cleaning! I've been too busy to craft between homemaking and work. Or maybe it was I didn't feel inspired. In the past few months, I've turned the office into a craft room. It's very temporary and un-pretty, but it's a place I can have everything out and accessible, including my sewing machine! I've come alive!!! As I mentioned in my last post, Miss Lyss Designs has been born in the past few weeks. It all started with making headbands for myself. It's something I enjoy, and the little entrepreneur in me is so excited to have people buying something I made!!!!!

I want woman to feel beautiful through my creativity. 

More than making a little extra money on the side, I want the buyers of my product to feel beautiful when they wear what I've created. Whether it's a mom having a bad hair day or a girl who just wants to feel a little more "dressed up", my prayer is that whoever's head my designs are on, they will KNOW they are beautiful. 

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