Thursday, May 26, 2011

I have the day off! What to do, what to do?? Oh wait, I made a to do list yesterday for today (I know I'm weird!) . . .

- Pick and make Meadow Tea 
- Make more salad dressing with my fresh herbs
- Paint the touch up spots in the bedroom
- Spring clean master bedroom and bathroom
And if I get an extra burst of energy I may visit the fabric store :)

My work schedule has been a bit random lately. My nanny job is on hold since the arrival of this little guy: 

Parker Ray :) Once his mommy goes back to work in July, I will be a nanny of 2 :) Until then I am picking up extra days at the deli and finishing up random house projects on my off days. And of course, cleaning :) After working kind of crazy hours last week, it's nice to have a few days off this week. 

Last night I got my hairs did :) My awesome cousin Marty is a stylist and does a great job! With long hair, I was starting to feel a little boring with the color and feel of my hair (like in above pic). I told her to give it a little more of a fun feel! Here's what I got :) Can you see the reds?? :) 

Amazing how much better you feel about yourself after a simple trim and new color! :) Now, I need some sun on my poor white body! Maybe sitting in the sun will be added to today's to do list :)

Speaking of that list . . . Have a fabulous day!


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