Thursday, August 1, 2013

I'm back!

A few of you have been asking if I will ever return to blogging, especially recipes and my attempts at DIY projects. . . Well, here I am!

Since I am now a stay at home (soon to be) mom, I have a little (a LOT) more time on my hands. I'm so not used to this!! I have had a job since I was 12. I am so grateful we are able to do it financially with me staying home with the baby, but I may have to work a day or two just for my sanity's sake!! I love being around people and cannot sit still for very long. Mom's group, anyone?!? 

As a kick off to my return to the blogging world, 
here are our NURSERY REVEAL pictures!! 
Thanks to my awesome friend Crystal for all the help and ideas for our DIY, woodland sort of themed nursery!

We do not know the gender of our baby. The nursery is intended to be "neutral" BUT if we have a girl, I will be adding a few more feminine touches (pearls and lace, perhaps?). 

The blurred blob of gold in the top right corner is the initial of our baby's first name.
Babe is very secretive about this and gave me strict instructions not to reveal it! :)

The crib we bought new from Target and the 100% organic bedding is from Bed, Bath and Beyond.
We decided on a hypo allergenic mattress and found a used one that was in like new condition.
The bunting above the crib was made by me.
Laundry basket is from Ross
Pom poms above glider made by me (tutorial to come!).
Glider we found on a great FB baby yard sale page for an awesome price!
Curtains are from a sweet sale find at

The dresser and book shelf were mine as a kid. Babe repainted them both.
All the books were given to us at our shower in lieu of cards.
The clock was a favorite find at HomeGoods and all the baskets were given as gifts at our shower.

Pillows made by me.

Babe is a big hunter and I wanted to incorporate his antlers somehow into the nursery.
Thanks to friends Darren and Katie for the idea! 
The frames are a mixed collection of ones I had and yard sale finds.

A vintage fox print I found simply by searching google.

A Hobby Lobby find!

There you have it! There are still some touches I want to add once baby Glick makes his/her appearance. Overall I love our simple and quaint little nursery. Now just to add the baby! :)

Thanks for stopping by. Check back for regular updates on mommy life, recipes, DIY projects, and health tips.


  1. Cute nursery! I love the peaceful feel to the whole thing. The antlers are pretty cool too!

    1. Thanks Mimy :) Durrell is pretty proud that his antlers are part of the nursery decor :)

  2. So I think it's pretty cool that you have the same initial for the first name whether boy or girl! I'm so excited to find out what it is! Will you announce what it would've been if the other sex once you have him/her? Or will you be keeping it for baby #2?

    1. Thanks Tamara. Our boy name and girl name actually begin with two different letters. I have another letter ready to go depending on the gender :) We will be keeping our other names to ourselves in case baby #2 is the opposite gender. Thanks for stopping by!