Sunday, February 19, 2012


Here is my honesty. Please don't judge.

I get disappointed fairly easily. It's usually the little disappointments in life that get me down more than big things.
Example: Since the beginning of January I haven't been eating sugar. NO SUGAR at all. I set a goal for myself and allowed myself 3 cheats, which included a slice of Cheesecake Factory's cheesecake for V-day. I was counting down the days and so excited. We were going to go last night but due to lack of planning ahead and a long wait at the CF, we didn't go. I seriously had tears in my eyes. I was so disappointed. 

Maybe it's more than disappointment. Could it be I like things to go my way? Or that I feel a need to control things? Sometimes I get so frustrated at myself, thinking "it's not a big deal, get over it". But I feel things so deep, whether it's joy or pain, excitement or disappointment; I am a passionate person. 

And so here you have my honesty. 

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